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Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer

J. Lee, also known as the HandsomeGent Traveler, began traveling the world when he relocated to United Arab Emirates from the United States in 2017. Since then he has traveled to 5 Continents and over 30 countries.  He has been featured in Essence Magazine, Travelnoire and a host of other travel blogs for his travels. His biggest travel goal is to see all Seven World Wonders and with three remaining, he hopes to achieve this goal by the end of 2022.

The HandsomeGent Traveler enjoys luxury travel on a budget and believes in letting the flight deal determine the travel destination. In doing so, he uses various credit card reward systems to subsidize airfares and travels during the off- season.

This site was created to inspire and expose others to the world of travel, while also providing travel tips, advice, and encouragement to those who aspire to travel.

When traveling, the HandsomeGent traveler feels you should “Take a picture, It will last longer”…

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