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J. Lee Releases 2nd Children's Book- Junior's Adventures in Egypt

In November of 2021, the Handsomegent Traveler was researching and planning a 10-day multi-city trip throughout Egypt. This year, J. Lee is sharing his experiences in Egypt with young readers through telling it from seven year old Junior’s perspective. Junior’s Adventures in Egypt is J. Lee’s second book in the collection of Junior's Adventures Children’s Book series.

In this story Junior travels throughout Egypt learning its history and culture. Adventure awaits Junior and his family as soon as they arrive in Cairo, Egypt's capital and continues throughout their vacation. Junior curiously wanders through the streets of the ancient city learning “the Egyptian Way" of life.

Upon releasing the second edition of the book series Junior’s Adventures, author J. Lee introduces young readers to Junior’s latest adventure, the exploration of Ancient Egypt located on the majestic continent of Africa. Through educating young readers about Egyptian culture and traditions, J. Lee hopes Junior's latest adventure inspires children around the world to someday visit the beautiful, historic destination.

Pre-order your copy of Junior’s Adventures in Egypt today and receive a signed copy just in time for the Holiday Season!

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