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The HandsomeGent Traveler Tours Turkey

Updated: May 14, 2022

The HandsomeGent Traveler returned to Turkey for a ten-day journey through six cities. He started in the capital city of Istanbul; exploring both the European and Asian sides. The different rooftop spots with views of the city easily became J. Lee's favorite thing about Istanbul.

In Cappadocia, it was all about the caves. The HandsomeGent Traveler stayed in a cave hotel, swam in a cave pool, and even hiked up a cave. He found himself waking up early to be mesmerized by the morning sky filled with hot air balloons. Cappadocia offered a lot and gave small town vibes. From Cappadocia, J. Lee took a 2 hour ride to visit Tuz Golu Salt Lakes during the sunset.

Rize and Trabzon were small cities where the people were friendly but didn't speak much English. Rize is known for whitewater rafting and kayaking; while many visit Trabzon for their mountain bungalows. These cities were a nice escape from the hustle of the city. Both areas provided tranquility and amazing views.

J. Lee visited Pammukale's famous hot spring where he was blown away by its beauty. (FYI visitors are not allowed to wear shoes inside the spring to keep the white clean) Antalya was the last Turkish city he visited; it's known for its beautiful beaches, amazing skylines and mountains. J. Lee loved the vibe of this small city and its people.

Overall, Turkey provided scenic views, delicious food, friendly people and an array of breathtaking backdrops for photos. The HandsomeGent Traveler highly recommends Turkey to anyone looking for an inexpensive country to visit.

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