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The HandsomeGent Traveler Explores El Salvador

El Salvador is a content creator's dream destination. The HandsomeGent Traveler, J. Lee spent 5 Days exploring the country. The adventure began the moment he landed; with him going directly from the airport to starting a two-hour hike up the active Santa Ana Volcano. The adventure continued throughout his stay as he went from sleeping overnight in an Igloo, to horseback riding on black sand beaches and sliding down the famous country's Rainbow Slide. The HandsomeGent Traveler also had his first hostel experience at one of El Salvador's most unique hostels. It offers private guest rooms with outdoor showers, yoga sessions, and professional massages on the beach.

Eliminate the need to plan your El Salvador trip and use the HandsomeGent Traveler's well crafted detailed 5 Day Itinerary which provides various hotel options, private drivers & local photographers contact info, and a host of activities and restaurant recommendations. Order yours below.

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